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Hunting Information

Hunting Method

Free range hunts usually start with a short 4x4 drive to the hunting area, then proceeds on foot for most of the day with your guide. It pays to be in good shape as we may climb for 2 or 3 hours. Good leather boots and snow gaiters are a must. Good optics of 1Ox42 binoculars are a must as we spend 50% of the time glassing in the mornings and evenings for Stag and Tahr then during the day for chamois. However, due to season, time and weather, a helicopter may be used for drop off and pick up only. We also have access to a number of high fence areas which are less physical.

License and Tags

Are required for bird shooting and can be provided for you should you require them. There are no big game tags or licenses, however we sometimes issue our own tags for identification for the taxidermist.


Guides are all qualified, having been certified at a New Zealand's Professional Hunting Guides School with a grade of 7 or higher out of 10, or an advanced certificate. Our professional guides and their assistants make up a team of the South Island's finest guiding experts. They can all hunt, shoot, fish and walk the pants off of anyone game enough to try, but they all take a tremendous amount of pride in getting you the best animals possible and enjoying what New Zealand has to offer. By the end of your trip, they will be just as proud of your trophies as you are.


Horns, Antlers and Capes are prepared by our taxidermist in Christchurch or Pleasant Point and are either expedited to your taxidermist or mounted and shipped to your hometown. For those wishing to take some meat back home, due to the recent changes in the regulations it is now not practical to do this, but you will get to sample some at the lodge.


We recommend a caliber from a .270 and up. We supply 7mm08's and .300 short mags as shots up to 300 yards may be required. Note: NO handguns, fully automatic or semi-automatics are permited in NZ

Please have a U.S. customs certificate or a declaration showing proof of ownership for your firearms as this will prevent any complication when clearing US customs on your way home. A New Zealand Tourist Firearms licence is required for anyone bringing their own firearms. Please fill out the required doccumentation online at the NZ police website , this needs to be done atleast 3 months prior to your departure date ,you will need to pay the $25NZ fee to the NZ Police for this application. You can click this link for easy access to the site. You will be asked to create a "REAL ME" account this is to safely identify you. https://www.police.govt.nz/advice-services/firearms-and-safety/visitor-firearms-licence-and-import-permits

Firearms availible for use 

  • Tika 300 Win Mag 
  • Cutsom 300 WSM
  • Custom 7mmo8 Sako action
  • 223 Remmington 700
  • Bow Hunters and Primitive Weapons please bring your own


We will provide all bedding and equipment like rifles, shotguns and rods which can be supplied at no charge if needed. Most of the clothing and equipment may be supplied through Cabela's or the likes of Sportsmans Warehouse. We would be happy to assist you with your clothing and equipment lists as provided. Click here for our recommended list. Most ammo can be bought in New Zealand however we do recommend you bring this with you as it can be hard to get plus it is expensive.


Upgrades on your red stag included in your package are available however we will have to hunt a different area for these and this may involve more travel time. All the upgrade rates are on our rate sheet and in our brochure.


Additions are available if you wish to add additional animals or activities within the booked time frame. These are calculated separately, over and above your original contracted trip. For example, game ranch hunt for bigger red stags, fallow, NZ wapiti, elk or free range hunt for tahr and chamois can easily be added to your hunt agenda, just refer to our rate sheet.


Extensions are available for extra hunting, fishing or touring days. If you would like to consider this option and would like more information, please indicate this on your contract along with the number of days you wish to add. Also please indicate your preference for rental cars, activities, attractions and accommodation. Initially, we just need to know your general wishes and can firm up details a couple of months before your trip. Trophy fees and day rates for these extra activities can be found on the rate sheet or quoted to you at the time.